Gambling and Artificial Intelligence: an Aid or a Threat?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are increasingly penetrating various spheres of life. They do things that were previously only possible for certain individuals. Additionally, it opens up new opportunities. AI creates music, pictures, and texts, analyzes X-rays and detects diseases, recognizes speech in audio recordings, and more. The gaming industry uses AI technologies as well. Artificial intelligence controls the behavior of the heroes of computer games, generates new tasks and levels, provides a better gaming experience and ensures a high quality of the game.

The application of neural networks in the online casino industry improves the service’s performance and contributes to the creation of a fair and safe gaming environment. Many platforms, such as GGBet Casino use the latest achievements in the AI industry, trying to enhance users’ experience while playing online casino games. But like any innovative technology, AI has its pros and cons. So, it’s reasonable to talk about the positive and negative impact of artificial intelligence in the online casino industry.

What is AI useful for?

Artificial intelligence is a multi-analytical computer system that is able to study and analyze a huge array of information data, draw conclusions, control certain actions, answer questions, and predict results. The benefit of using AI, according to experts, is primarily manifested in the creation of a qualitatively new experience. The system helps operators to better understand how customers play and, based on the received data, to offer everyone games according to their preferences and personalized bonus incentives. Several offers will clearly demonstrate, which promotions are better for this or that user.

AI is also useful for optimizing technical support. Chatbots can answer most of the questions that users ask. If they cannot answer some questions, they will redirect you to a live agent. At the same time, they will learn new things, and in a future similar situation, they will be able to handle it by themselves.

Robotic systems are indisputable benefits in protecting gambling market participants from deception and fraud. By detecting unfair schemes, AI creates a safe and fair playing environment for every gambler.

Disadvantages of AI in the casino sphere

The use of machine systems in the gaming market has certain disadvantages. In order not to become a victim of technology, experts advise not to ignore the following nuances:

  • using the advice of robotic systems, players risk losing control over the game and abandoning their own strategies;
  • to personalize offers, AI uses the personal data of players, thus violating their privacy;
  • computer algorithms are not perfect, failures and errors are possible in the operation of the system, which can lead to wrong decisions and create a conflict situation.
  • a significant disadvantage of using AI, according to experts, is the risk of losing communication between the dealer and the players. As a result, the social aspect of the game is reduced – in the real game mode, there is a feeling of loneliness and alienation.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that AI does not enhance the chances of winning. This aspect is difficult to place within the pros or cons of AI in the casino industry, but in any case, it creates an atmosphere of fair play for bot casino providers and gamblers.


Artificial intelligence technologies contribute to the improvement of the gaming experience, help to optimize the gaming process, personalize offers, and ensure fair and safe gaming conditions. Taking advantage of these positive aspects, you should not forget about the risks and consider all the pros and cons before visiting the casino.