How to use Good-Sport Predictor?

Example: match of (Liverpool vs Arsenal)
How does it work?

1# Select the handicap value (-1) or (+1)

All bookmakers offer the handicap odds mostly with value (-1, -2, -3…and/or  +1, +2, +3, …) or (starts=1-0, starts=2-0, starts=0-1  etc..) that means except one of the teams is given a head-start. It depends on the match, generally:

  • (-1) » To home-team with the highest winning percentage (low decimal odd).
  • (+1) » To home-team with the lowest winning percentage (high decimal odd).

Note: The no tie handicap or the Asiatic handicap, it’s a different one not supported by the calculator.

To get the correct results by this football calculator, always select the handicap value according to home team. Learn more about the handicap below

Let’s take our example (liverpool vs Arsenal) , the odds are picked from Bet365 as an example:

It’s clearly shown the home team (Liverpool with handicap value= -1), so we select the handicap (-1) as indicated below:


2# Fill in the boxes with the appropriate odds

To use the calculator and predict your chosen matches, you need these following odds:

  • Half time odds
  • Full time odds
  • Handicap odds
  • Number of goals

All bookmakers provide these odds. we picked these odds from Bet365 as an example.


Enter the odds as described below:

enter odds

Calculator Keys:

  • 1-Home: Home team (1)
  • X-Draw: Draw (X)
  • 2-Away: Away team (2)
  • H1: Handicap odds of home team
  • HX: Tie 
  • H2: Handicap odds of away team

Click to learn more about the handicap.

3# Press the calculate button and get your predictions

After you enter the odds  as shown above, hit the calculate button to get your tips.

results predictor

In some cases with specific events (matches) you’ll find the results a little confusing with two predictions of each bet type, but for more security, the tool displays the highest results of each bet and priority is given to the 1st prediction of the bet type.

So in this example for the (Half-time/Full-time) bet, we got:

The 1st prediction  » X/1

The 2nd prediction » X/2

That means the highest likely result would be (X / 1) and a least would be (X / 2), then you can place your bet on the 1st prediction or both to cover all probabilities with up to 90% efficiency.

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is where one selection in an event is given a “handicap” to overcome in order to win. This is popular when strong favourites are playing, instead of placing a match bet at short odds, you can place a bet at longer odds with a 1 or 2 goal start for instance.

When placing a bet on a handicap market, you are betting on your selection to win with the handicap being taken into account.

For example:

Liverpool (-1) @ 3.40
Tie (-1) @ 4.00
Arsenal (+1) @ 1.72

If you place your bet on Liverpool (-1) this means that you need to take one goal away from whatever Liverpool score.

  • If Liverpool win the game 3-1, your bet is still a winner because Liverpool won the game 2-1 with the goal deficit accounted for.
  • If Liverpool win the game 1-0, your bet is a loser as with the handicap taken into account the result would be 0-0.

If you placed your bet on Arsenal (+1) this means that you need to add one goal to whatever Arsenal score.

  • If the game ended 2-2, your bet is a winner. This is because Arsenal had a 1 goal advantage at the start of the game, so with your handicap applied the game has ended 3-2 to Arsenal.
  • If Liverpool win the game 1-0, your bet is still a loser as with the handicap applied to Arsenal the result is 1-1.

Please note that the handicap will only apply to the selection that your bet has been placed on and will not include both teams e.g. it is not Liverpool -1 AND Arsenal+1..

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