How to use Good-Sport Calculator?

Let’s take this example:

1# Select the handicap value (-1) or (+1)

The handicap depends on the match, generally:

(-1) » To home-team with the highest winning percentage (low decimal odd).

(+1) » To home-team with the lowest winning percentage (high decimal odd).

For our example (liverpool vs Arsenal) :

So we select: The handicap (-1)

2# Fill in the boxes with the appropriate odds

Half-Time Odds:

Full-Time Odds:

Handicap Odds:

Number of Goals in Match:

Enter the odds like this:

3# Press the calculate button to get the tips

You’ll find the results a little confusing with two predictions of each bet type, but for more security, the tool displays the highest results of each bet and priority is given to the 1st prediction of the bet type.

So in this example for the (Half-time/Full-time) bet, we get:

The 1st prediction » X/1

The 2nd prediction » X/2

This means that the highest likely result would be (X / 1) and a bit less (X / 2), so you can place your bet on the 1st prediction or both to cover all probabilities with up to 90% efficiency.

It’s very useful on betting combinations.