Tips for Playing Safely at Slots Gallery Casino


Safe gambling is a guarantee of your peace of mind, good time and most importantly protection of your data from potential fraudsters. The gambling industry is growing rapidly, and with it comes fraud. Regardless of where and what you play, follow the safety measures.

In this article, we will tell you basic tips on how to secure yourself before and after Slots Gallery login. After all, even if you have chosen a trustworthy site, it minimises potential threats but does not make them disappear.

Tip 1. Check the Legality of the Casino

This is the most important step before gambling. The site must have an official licence, which confirms that all activities are legal and your data is safe. 

Slots Gallery Casino is regulated by Hollycorn N.V. and it has a licence from the government of Curaçao, which has registration number 8048/JAZ2019-015. You can run this number in the database and make sure that everything is indeed legal. If you can’t find the casino’s licence number anywhere, this site is best to bypass. 

Here are a few reasons why a licence is important:

  • Fair Play Guarantee. A licence from a respected regulatory body indicates that the casino abides by certain rules. These include constant checks on the transparency of the games. This proves that all results are random and not rigged;
  • Protection of players’ rights. If a player has a licence, he can appeal to the regulator if his rights have been violated;
  • Personal data security. The licence ensures that the site has all the necessary tools to protect players’ personal information. This includes data encryption and a privacy policy;
  • Countering fraud and money laundering.

Tip 2: Use a Strong Password and Protect Your Account

Many people ignore this advice and think that this will never happen to them. But in fact, it occasionally happens when a player sets an easy password and does not withdraw winnings immediately. Scammers can hack your account in minutes if you don’t follow a few rules:

  • Come up with a complex and unique password. It should be 12 characters or more, including numbers and capital letters. Do not use hackneyed variants like “12345678” or “qwertyuiop”;
  • Change passwords regularly. Change your password at least every few months. This will help you increase the security of your account;
  • Enable two-factor authentication. This is one of the best methods for protection. After entering your password, you will need to enter a code from a sms or a special application with changing keys;
  • Use password managers. Do not write down all your passwords in private messages or notes on your phone.

Tip 3. Make Only Secure Payments

Even if your casino is licensed, you still need to pay attention to transaction security. Sometimes the software has weaknesses that fraudsters can use to steal your data. In such cases, the responsibility lies with the player, so you should familiarise yourself with the principles of secure transactions:

  • Use verified payment methods. After Slots Gallery casino login you will be given many options for funding your account. The best option is to explore them all and choose the most convenient and safe method;
  • Make sure that the site uses SSL encryption during payment. This can be easily checked, just pay attention to the lock icon next to the link;
  • Only conduct transactions on the official casino site;
  • Check your account top-up history. Check your account history regularly so that you can contact support in case of suspicious transactions;
  • Set limits on deposits and withdrawals. This way, attackers will not be able to take advantage of the position 100%.

Tip 4. Follow the Principles of Responsible Play

This is one of the most important aspects of safe gambling, as it not only helps to safeguard your finances but also your mental health. It’s no secret that gambling can become a destructive hobby and bring problems into your life. To avoid this you need to control your gambling in the first place. Here are a few rules that any gambler should follow:

  • Don’t let the game control your life. Limit your time in the game and don’t give up your life or hobbies. Gambling should not replace your reality;
  • Set a betting limit. Even if you win several times in a row, don’t go over the threshold and stick to the limit;
  • Limit your bankroll. Spend only the money you don’t need to buy food, pay for housing and bills;
  • Do not see gambling as a way to make money. In most cases, it is good entertainment, but not a way to earn money. Do not expect that gambling will provide you with a steady income;
  • Seek help if you feel you are unable to cope on your own.

Tip 5. Check Bonus Terms and Conditions

If you like to use bonuses to increase your bankroll, it is also worth paying attention to the requirements set by the casino. Sometimes unscrupulous operators issue a bonus that cannot be withdrawn, and players lose their money. Before activating the bonus check the following aspects:

  • Wagering Conditions;
  • Bonus expiry dates;
  • Minimum Deposit;
  • Games that don’t count towards wagering;
  • Withdrawal Restrictions.

Follow all these tips and increase your safety while gambling. Your financial state, psychological state and overall gambling experience will depend on it.