cropped good sport
Japanese J-League

Japanese Cup

10. July 2024


cropped good sport
  • 1.52
  • 4.12
  • 5.97

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Correct Score


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Probabilities %

  • 67%
  • 24%
  • 17%

Risk Betting %

Low - 30%

best bets today

Full Time - 1X2


1st Half - 1X2


Double Chance


Both Teams To Score


Under/Over 2.5 Goals


Draw No Bet


Result & BTTS

Home & No

Result & U/O 2.5

Home & O

Odd or Even (goals)


Asian Handicap (-1.5)


Asian Handicap (+1.5)


Handicap (-1)


Handicap (+1)


1st Half (U/O 1.5)


2nd Half (U/O 1.5)


Total Goals (0/1, 2/3, +4)


Total Cards (U/O 3.5)

Over 3.5

Total Corners (U/O 8.5)

Under 8.5

Half Time-Full Time


Correct Score


Safe Bet - Full Time

Over 1.5

This is our pick for this game (safe betting tip/best bet). Highly recommended to bet risk-free.

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Soccer Betting Picks - Recap.

Free football tips for today & 100 percent sure wins for Avispa Fukuoka – Ehime , competition: Japanese Cup. Game kick-off: 10:00 (GMT+1). Average odd from top bookmakers: Home: 1.52, Draw: 4.12, Away: 5.97. Predictions probabilities %: Home: 67%, Draw: 24%, Away: 17%.

We’ve made these predictions betting risk-free in mind, trying to cover all popular betting markets. Here is the text version of our predictions (soccer score tips) & picks: Full time tips (1X2) → 1, Under/Over 2.5 → O, BTTS → No, Half time/Full time → 1/1, Result and Btts → Home & No, Result and U/O 2.5 → Home & O, Draw no bet → Home, Double Chance → 1X, 1st Half fixed → 1, 1st Half under/over 1.5 → U, 2nd Half under/over 1.5 → O, Odd or Even → Odd, Total goals in match → 2/3, Handicap (-1) → Home, Handicap (+1) → Home, Asian handicap (+1.5) → Home, Asian handicap (-1.5) → Home, Total cards in full match → Over 3.5, Total corners → Under 8.5.

Also with the help of our algorithm, we provide very strong tips for today games (safe bet tip) → Over 1.5 , accordingly with the game risk percentage (30% – Low) for more accuracy (Accurate football predictions), which we highly recommend, to avoid any surprising results.

100% Sure Football Predictions -Today’s Predictions and tips for the weekend powered by good-sport.
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Betting Markets Explained - Keys

The 1X2 bet is the most common form of wagering option that there is in football betting. It can be referred to as Match Outrights or 90 Minutes markets as well. It is simply one prediction made on the outcome of a fixture which has three potential outcomes in it. It’s not exclusive to football though, any sport which has three outcomes in a game, will have the option of a 1X2 bet.

What is a 1X2 bet (1×2 tips)?

For a soccer match (soccer predictions 1×2) there are three potential outcomes that could happen. There is either going to be a home win, an away win or the draw. That’s it, so a 1X2 bet refers to that. The numbers just represent an outcome:

1 represents a Home win
X represents a Draw
2 represents an Away win

How does a 1X2 bet work?

You will see a fixed-odds price attached to each of the three options in a 1X2 market for a game. These are representative of the probabilities that the bookmaker has assigned to each of the likely outcomes. For example, if the away side is at 2/1 then 2/1 odds (1×2 odds) means that the bookmaker has an implied probability of 33% on the Away win happening.

You take which one of the three outcomes in a 1X2 bet that you like (1x2bet predictions) and place a single stake against it. If that outcome occurs, your bet wins. Remember though that you always have two opposing potential outcomes to your selected one. That’s the risk.


Over Under meaning

An over–under or over/under (O/U) bet is a wager in which a sportsbook will predict a number for a statistic in a given game, (usually the combined score of the two teams), and bettors wager that the actual number in the game will be either higher or lower than that number. 

What Does 2.5 Goals Mean?

The term 2.5 goals is used because you are betting on one of the following:

  • 2 goals or less being scored (The Under 2.5 goals market)
  • 3 goals or more being scored (The Over 2.5 goals market)

The number 2.5 is used because it falls in the middle of both markets.

You either think a game will be a low scoring one with 2 goals or less OR you think there will be goals a-plenty, with 3 goals or more.

If you bet on less than 2.5 goals and the game finishes 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 or 1-1 then your bet is a winner.

Yet if bet on less than 2.5 goals and the game finishes 2-1 or higher, then your bet is a loser.

And as the number of goals on average in a football game hovers around the 2.5 marker (although this varies based on trends, leagues and time of year) then its the usual market on offer.

Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and More!

The Over/Under 2.5 goals market isn’t the only option available to you though. If we look at the odds for this sample game, we can see a whole range of Over/Under goal lines:

  • Over/ Under 0.5 goals means you want either 1 goal (over) or more or no goals (under).
  • Over/ Under 1.5 goals means you want either 2 goals (over) or more or 1 goal or less (under).
  • Over/ Under 3.5 goals means you want either 4 goals (over) or more or 3 goal or less (under).


Both teams to score tips (explained)

This is a very straight forward bet used on football matches. It is a straight 50/50 choice for punters whether to select both teams to score in the match, or not.

This is also referred to as a BTTS bet for short. Will both teams hit the back of the net in a game? Yes or no? That’s all that this bet is about.

How does a BTTS bet work?

The simple BTTS bet requires just the one unit stake against it and you simply make a Yes or No prediction for the fixture. The No option means that the bet will win if the game ends in a goalless draw or if just one of the teams scores. The Yes option will only win if both teams score in the match.

Btts and win tips


What is a Correct Score bet?

In the correct score market for a football match, the bookmaker presents the punter with a long list of possible options. These will range from the most common returns such as the 1-1 draw, 1-0 or 2-1 victories right through to the rarities of things like a 6-1 victory for a team.

The correct score bet isn’t just linked to the actual score. You don’t pick a 2-1 result and it applies to either team winning by that margin. A correct score bet has to be the exact scoreline for the team you select to win by that scoreline. Obviously, if you predict a scoreline that is a draw, that doesn’t apply.

How does a Correct Score bet work?

For a big Merseyside derby of Liverpool v Everton you go and look at the Correct Score market. Perhaps the shortest priced option is the 1-1 draw (it commonly is so) at 6/1 odds, but you think Liverpool can get the win at Anfield in a tight game, so you predict a Liverpool 2-1 correct score.

That is the only outcome, a Liverpool 2-1 scoreline, that will pay out. There will be no returns if Liverpool win the match but not by that exact scoreline. So if they win 2-0 for example, the bet is lost. Also if Everton won 2-1, then the bet still loses because while the scoreline was right, the result in the match wasn’t correct.

That is why in the correct score market you will see options listed as Liverpool 2-0, Draw 1-1, Liverpool 2-1, Everton 1-0 and so on, so you know the scoreline is tied to the outcome.


The odds in the Correct Score market are generous. That is because you are trying to make a forecast that is a difficult thing to do. You could back a home win for Liverpool at 1-0 scoreline because Liverpool have been earning a lot of clean sheets. But something unpredictable like them conceding a penalty can throw that bet out of the window. It is a very unpredictable market at the best of times, with the probability of predicting the correct score low.

Correct score today


Safe bet or sometimes called best bet, it’s the most accurate tip (pick), that tipsters provide, based on expert analysis or unique algorithm and probabilities, just like we do every day on


Handicap betting is where things start to get a little more complicated. You should be able to understand this easily enough if you’re used to betting on the major US sports though, as it’s essentially the same as betting point spreads.

The driving force with handicap wagers is that the teams are awarded extra goals or deducted goals for the purposes of the betting. Most bookmakers allow you to choose how many goals are awarded or deducted, and offer different odds depending on your choice.

This is another wager that makes more sense with an example, so here’s how the handicap market might look for the Tottenham versus Norwich game.

  • Tottenham (-1)  / 2.70
  • Norwich (+1) / 2.20
  • Tottenham (-2) / 5.25
  • Norwich (+2) / 1.45

There are three distinct options to choose from here. Tottenham are the clear favorite, so the options on that team all involve deducting goals. Norwich are the underdog, so the options on that team all involve awarding extra goals. This is standard practice, but some bookmakers do offer handicap markets where the favorites are awarded goals and the underdogs are deducted goals.

Let’s say you decided to go with Tottenham (-1) on this game. Tottenham would have to win by at least two goals for your wager to win, as they’re going to be deducted a goal. So if they actually won 2-1, the result would technically be 1-1 for the purposes of the betting. This is a draw, so you lose the wager. If Tottenham won 3-1, though, then the result is 2-1 after the handicap is applied. So you’d win the wager.

A bet on Tottenham (-2), would need Tottenham to win by three or more goals. When wagering on the underdog for the handicap, the opposite rules apply. A bet on Norwich (+1) then only needs Norwich to draw the game. If the actual result was 1-1, then the result with the handicap applied would be 1-2. This is a victory for Norwich, so the wager would be successful. With a bet on Norwich (+2), Norwich could lose by a single goal and you’d still be successful.

Handicap betting is a good way to manage risk versus reward when betting on soccer games. You can choose selections that are more likely to be correct but come with lower odds, or you can choose that selections that are less likely to be correct but come with higher odds.


What is a Half-Time Full-Time bet?

The half-time/full-time bet, which is also simply referred to as HT/FT, is a forecast of the half-time and full-time results in one match. Even though this is just a bet with a single stake unit against it, it requires both predictions to be right in order for the bet to win. If just one of the predictions are wrong within it, the bet loses.

It’s important to note that this bet isn’t the results of two individual halves of the game. For example, if you have taken a Man City/Chelsea HT/FT bet, that’s not suggesting that Man City win the first half and Chelsea win the second half. It means that Man City are winning at half-time and Chelsea will win the match outright at 90 minutes.

So in a Man City/Man City bet for example, the Citizens could be leading 3-0 at half time, but lose the second half 2-0. The bet still wins as City would win the match outright by a 3-2 scoreline.

How does a HT/FT bet work?

You will see a half-time/full-time bet option presented as something like Manchester City/Manchester City or Draw/Manchester City. For a given football match there are nine different combinations of HT/FT bets that can happen.

  • 1/1 = Home/Home
  • X/1 = Draw/Home
  • 2/1 = Away/Home
  • 1/X = Home/Draw
  • X/X = Draw/Draw
  • 2/X = Away/Draw
  • 1/2 = Home/Away
  • X/2 = Draw/Away
  • 2/2 = Away/Away

Draw No Bet meaning

A Draw No Bet means simply that the bet which you have struck for backing the winner of a football match becomes void if the game ends in a draw. The entire stake gets refunded in such an instance.

How does a Draw No Bet work?

The basis of the Draw No Bet is still the same as picking a winner in a 1×2 market. You pick the team that you want to win. However, with backing the team as a Draw No Bet option you have the coverage of the stake coming back to you if your team does not win or lose.

In a 1×2 market, you back the Home Win (1). That means the other two outcomes will cause your bet to lose. However, because in a Draw No Bet the draw would return your lost stake, it leaves you with the scenario of only the other team winning to totally cause the bet to lose.

So basically, only one outcome (instead of two) would cause the loss of the stake. Because of that extra insurance which rides on the bet, the odds are naturally going to be shorter as opposed to backing them in the match outright. Here is an example.

The odds in the match outright are:

Manchester City 5/4
Manchester United 21/10
Draw 5/2

You think that Manchester City will produce a win in the game but they are away from home and it is still a tough fixture for them. So you’re a little unsure about them pulling out a victory but they still looked the more likely of the two to do so. So in backing a Draw No Bet on Manchester City at 4/6 odds, it means you have a small contingency. If Man City win, you are paid out at the 4/6 odds, if they draw you get the full stake refund. If they lose the stake is lost.


The percentages means probability to happen any of the following events:
      1 – home team win
      X – match finish draw
      2 – away team win

Other Keys:
      2.5 – over 2.5 goals in match (scored from both team)
      BTS – both team to score goal in match
      Draw No Bet – bet on either a home or away win
      Handicap – except one of the teams is given a head-start (+1, -1 …) 

These prediction tips for this football match ( Avispa Fukuoka – Ehime ) are made with the best intentions, but no profits are guaranteed. Please always gamble responsibly, only with money that you can afford to lose. – Daily free betting tips  & Football predictor / calculator tool. Sure bet prediction today & Sure tips.